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Little Cabin in the Woods

Today I am sharing some pictures of our recent getaway in the far western woods of Pennsylvania.

For the third year in a row, we have rented a cabin at a Pennsylvania State Park, choosing a different park each summer. The cabins are all built pretty much alike and serve as a very simple and extremely economical vacation spot for families. I highly, highly recommend them!

This year’s destination was Raccoon Creek State Park, a beautiful location for a week away from the normal hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

july 2015 015

There were many hiking trails were within this park, which we took advantage of. This is at an old mineral springs location.

july 2015 037

Andrew had bought a hammock with his own money before we left. We strung it in the woods behind our cabin and all had turns reading and resting in it. (Confession: One afternoon I took my phone and watched something on Netflix while I was tucked down there. Shhhh…don’t tell my kids!)

july 2015 039

Plenty of time for playing games–this was en evening where my gang played one of their favorites (and mine), Dutch Blitz!

july 2015 081

We discovered some coloring books that are geared for any age at an Ollie’s over the line in Ohio. (Actually, we took a little drive, hitting West Virginia, then Ohio in a short time from where we were.) Apparently “adult” coloring books are now a thing? Anyway, Heidi got herself a book of paisley designs and a pack of markers, so I got to spend some time coloring! I have to admit, it was pretty relaxing, and you know I love design and colors.

july 2015 095

At the same Ollie’s we also happened upon a cheap Bocce ball set. Our small group had introduced us to this fun game just this summer, so we couldn’t resist getting a set for our family as we had a perfect commons area in the middle of our cabin loop. Warning to all: These two pictured above are little and cute, but they are KILLER Bocce Ball players!! I’m not too shabby myself either;)

july 2015 084

Whittling lessons with Dad.

july 2015 107

Found this neat rock perch on one of our hikes.

july 2015 113

july 2015 103

july 2015 099

My five guys, taking a break along a trail.

july 2015 079

Lots of beauty to be spotted, but I am so thankful to capture this image especially. SO glad the bee was still for me for at least a second or two!

july 2015 068

Our only real outing was to a place nearby called Old Economy Village, a historically preserved old community from the 1800’s, located along the Ohio River in the town of Ambridge. This was an image from their wine cellar.

july 2015 065

The old shoe shop.

july 2015 062

Checking out the General Store. Our tour guide was an absolute gem and literally spent over 3 1/2 hours taking our family, plus one other older couple, around to each area. She had the kids do a number of activities along the way to get the whole experience. I think we could have adopted “Miss Cora” and taken her home with us!

july 2015 057

july 2015 073

Our kids even got to experience school in an old classroom.

Overall, it was just a nice restful week with nowhere we had to be, no one else really around, and no to-do list for the day.

Perfect for the year we’ve had and a quiet respite before Jeff is released back to work and back-to-school time begins.

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