Parenting Tales

Big Yellow Bus

O Big Yellow Bus,

Will you stop by real soon?

I have missed you, my friend

And am turning into a loon


You see, I dearly love my kids

But I also love routine

It makes me oh so productive

And also…not so mean

backpacks 001

It happens every year

‘Bout this time of the summer

We’re done with ALL The Fun

It’s really quite a bummer


I’m sick of hearing “Mom!”

The house is just a mess

My diet is atrocious

The kids….well, too much Togetherness


Fights are starting to break out

Here, there, and everywhere

The natives are getting restless

My cupboards are looking bare

back to school 013

So Big Yellow Bus

Will you change up our days?

You always arrive on time

With your lights all ablaze


I’m ready to greet you again

Each morning and each afternoon

This Mom is starting to miss you

Will you please stop by soon?

back to school 025

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