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What I’m Into: September 2015

Happy September to everyone reading this.

I love September and cherish these last days of summer and early days of fall.

Here are some things that either myself or my family is into as of late:

I love, love, loved this documentary. My family watched it the other night and I was very touched by it. It follows four different children from four very different countries as they travel to their school. Watch this with your kids-it will make them appreciate riding on the school bus!

I was especially moved by this boy from India whose younger brothers push/pull him in his makeshift wheelchair EVERY DAY for several miles. Both ways. They were just too precious and it made me want to buy this young man a brand spanking new wheelchair that rolls on sand!!

It’s the little things sometimes. Right now my daughter and I are loving these hairbands that are nice and stretchy, don’t break, and actually hold our thick hair.

The Maze Runner series. I’ve only read the first one, but I am excited to read the other books in the series. My older two are in the middle of the second book and tell me it’s just as engrossing as the first one.

rugs8-15 004

Making these rugs. I did a tutorial about making these awhile ago and I’m still at it as I’ve had time. I’ve listed some on Ebay and much to my delight, they have been selling well!

Candy Land. Now is the time of year for PTO craziness as we have our main fundraiser in October. It semi takes over my life for a month or two until everything is done. We chose Candy Land as a theme for our annual Race for Education and I’m SO stinking excited about it. Lots of cool decorations, prizes, and costume possibilities. (I am planning to be Mrs. Mint, by the by.) I’m not entirely sure if this will be my last year or not, so pray for me! Make fun of it all you want, but this PTO President stuff is not an easy gig. However, I do believe I have been called to serve the families in our school in this way for now.

first school 2015 003

Back to School. Yep, it’s back in full swing and everyone has had a good start so far. These are my elementary kiddos on the first day. I realized that Josh (the one in blue) has worn the same T-shirt for just about every photo this summer. We do own other clothing, but this is obviously a favorite. Andrew (in green below) has also worn a skateboarding banana shirt for like every photo op. I may need to hide them after the next wash cycle;)

first school 2015 001

And these are my big guys headed off to middle school.

Well, that’s the main stuff folks. Hope your September has been a good one so far!


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