Points to Ponder

Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

Since I haven’t done a frugal posting in a bit, here is a conglomeration of some things I’ve done lately:

*We’ve had gorgeous weather as of late, so I’ve hung out all of our wash on the clothesline instead of running a dryer.

*Got some free bananas at a local store. As I was checking out after picking up some milk, the lady at the register asked if I wanted a free bunch that were turning brown. Of course I said yes! They went into smoothies this week.

*Speaking of smoothies, I hadn’t made any in a few months because our blender had died. I had refrained from buying one since it wasn’t really a necessity of life. Now that my husband is fully back to work (normal paychecks are finally rolling in!) and all of his medical bills are paid off, I felt better about buying one.

*Inherited a partial huge bag of long grain rice. I cook with rice a lot, so this was a blessing.

*Helped my aunt clean out some stuff from her apartment last weekend. She said we could take whatever we wanted and the rest could be donated. She used to sew a lot, so I was gifted a bunch of fabric, along with some other odds and ends.

*My husband was able to bring home a big bag of bacon ends and smoked cheese from work.

*Our local community fair was this past week. My parents met the kids and I there one night and treated us to some wonderful fair food for supper.

*Had a leftover smorgasbord for dinner another evening.

*I had a rice-filled heating pad that was getting old and kinda grungy. I tossed it and made a brand new one using the gifted fabric and rice.

photo (22)

*Purchased this fun crochet/lace vest at a thrift store for a couple bucks. I see this matching a lot of items and being a great layering piece for multiple seasons. The back looks really cool too!

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