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Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Things from 2015

Today I am sharing some of the most memorable things that happened within our family in 2015. Oh boy, what a memorable one it surely was! The first seven to eight months I would describe overall as just “rough.” Sure, there were lots of blessings thrown in there, but it was full of literally one challenge or mishap after another. I may be able to just title this post “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” (This is where I should insert James 1 verses in…)

Thankfully this fall was pretty smooth and we haven’t had anything major happen in awhile–thank you LORD!! I promise to put plenty of good stuff in here lest you think I’m a drama queen or a big whiner.

So…after polling my kids and reflecting for myself, this is what was noteworthy for the Craig family this year:


Longwood Gardens. This was one of the great highlights for us. At the tail end of 2014 we purchased a year-long family pass to this amazing place and I am SO glad we did! It is incredibly beautiful in each and every season and we visited there a number of times. As I am a highly visual person, this was a bright spot of refreshment for me.


Jeff lost a finger. Yup, I’m just gonna go there now and get it out of the way. You know how the Chinese have The Year of The Dog or The Monkey? I may forevermore think of 2015 as The Year of the Finger. One unfortunate run-in with the lawn mower belt on July 3rd and our summer took a completely different turn. (You can read more about it at these posts–9 out of 10 and It’s In the Bag.) As a recent update, he is doing just fine and adjusted great after he was finally able to work full time. Also, a big praise is that he hasn’t had as much sensitivity to cold and pain that he was warned he may have at this stage of healing.

As a funny aside, this morning we saw something on the news about New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. Good old Josh, my little guy with a twisted sense of humor, piped up with this goodie:”My resolution is for no one to chop off a finger this year.”

My oldest had his first job this summer. He mostly lived at and worked for a nearby camp. At summer’s end he thanked me for letting him have this experience at barely fourteen. It was good for him in many ways, and taught me some in the process too. (Mostly how to learn to “let go” a little bit as a parent…hello teenage years!)

Also, my second oldest had his first job a few mornings a week on my in-laws’ dairy farm. He was grandma’s helper in feeding her “babies.” Sometimes a younger sibling or two tagged along to help as well!


Andrew broke his humerus, and it wasn’t very humorous. Sorry, I’m trying to be punny…..er, funny. This actually happened early on in the year. One day our oven element caught on fire and I had it pulled out to remove the busted part. In the process I sprayed cleaner along the cruddy sides of the stove/oven and in the process got the kitchen floor all slippery. What on earth does that have to do with Andrew’s arm? Well, that slippery floor led to a fall later that night, which led to a busted upper arm….see, A Series of Unfortunate Events!

Not long after he healed up and literally not even a day after we spent oodles getting all manner of work done on the Subaru, this happened…a run-in with a tree that fell in front of said car….


Which leads to this tearjerker story (The Jelly Jar), brought about by the kid that just recovered from a busted arm and then sprained his other wrist a mere week later. While being so touched by his selflessness, we realized that “hey, we may be doing this parent thing right once in awhile.” I also was brought to my knees and reminded about how much I need to trust in God for everything.

Ready to hear about some good stuff again? Me too…

I kissed a frog. Sorta. This was taken at an amazing Mother’s Day brunch event. All of the tables were a princess theme and ours was The Princess and the Frog. Yes, that is a real frog inside the bowl!  Couldn’t resist puckering up for a picture. And yes, that is my daughter chuckling her head off in the background.

We took a fun day trip to Baltimore with my family. Post-riots.

Had another great state park experience for vacation. This was divine timing as it happened right before Jeff returned to work and before back to school craziness happened. It was a most refreshing and renewing time away for the 7 of us.

We experienced some more great hiking together.

Rocked our Candy Land themed event at school.


And last but not least, all of my kids mentioned what a great experience it was to put on a Christmas play for church!

Blessings to you as you reflect on your 2015 and look forward to 2016!

God is good. All the time.

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