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Real Mom Thoughts During a Blizzard

Day 3 is on. Yes, my friends, this is our third full day of being snowed in and I’m proud to say that I’m still sane. Maybe I’m weird or maybe I’m normal, but here are some actual real streams of consciousness that I have during these events. If you know me in real life, you know I’m not some fakey perfect person. I just told someone recently that my parenting style is definitely not always Mary Poppins, it’s more like Bernie Mac sometimes! Truth.

Anyway, read on if you wish. Other fellow Moms can hopefully relate!

Pre-Blizzard-the morning of:

7 Am: I’ve got this. Groceries? Already bought beforehand. We shouldn’t need anything for a good couple of days. We are set. I am not one of those people who will run out at the last minute today and buy 10,000 things to “stock up.” That is ridiculous.

8 AM: Okay, I’ve just watched something on the news about having your gas tank filled up before a big storm. Do I go or not? Hmmm…the tank was getting pretty low. I’ll just run out and fill it, that way it’s all set for after the storm.

8:05: Oh crap. I just checked our snow boot stash and one child is minus a decent pair. Guess I’ll look for some while I’m out—if there’s any left, that is.

9:30: (at the store) Whew! Snow boots are bought, even in the size we needed. Sweet! Let me look for something “new” for the kids to do while we’re at home. What about a puzzle? A big one that’ll take hours to put together? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

9:35: What the world am I thinking? Do I really want some ginormous 1,000 piece puzzle with cats or some such all taking over my kitchen table? No, I do not.  The puzzle is not happening. Again, WTH was I thinking?

3 PM: Okay, got the house in order, though I know it won’t stay that way long. Got myself a little quiet time before the crew comes home. I’m ready for this. Actually, I’m getting pretty excited about the storm too!

6 PM: Flakes are falling steadily now. It’s nice to be tucked in for probably the weekend. There are lots of projects I can tackle while we’re snowed in. This will be kinda fun.

8 PM: Okay, I just now remembered to check our fuel oil gauge in the basement. It is down to like 1/8 tank. This makes me a little nervous. Can one cold and windy weekend suck up that much oil? Can it? Oh Lord…I hope not…too late to do anything about it now!! Not even going to mention it to the man.



8 AM: Ooohh….so pretty! Can’t believe how much snow we’ve gotten already. These kids are SO excited.

9 AM: Just sent the kids (& husband) outside after a big ole breakfast. Maybe I’ll go out too after cleaning up some things.

9:05 AM: Eh, maybe not. This is sort of nice. I’ll watch them shovel from the window.

9:15 AM: Someone’s back in already and tracking snow all up in here. Glad I decided to stay in. Someone has to deal with all the gear.

1 PM: Just got lunch cleaned up and time to throw in a movie. Oh sheesh. These people are already fighting about what they do or don’t want to watch and it’s taking forever just to pick one thing out.  Lord have mercy. Keep it together Rachel.

3 PM: Okay, they’re headed back out again. It is super windy, still snowing hard, and COLD! I am going to be a wimp and stay in. That’s ok, right?

3:05 PM: But maybe I’ll feel guilty that I’m not a “cool Mom” who loves to play in a blizzard with her kids.

3:20 PM: Never mind. Who cares? I don’t. Besides, here comes a kid all frosted up like a popsicle. Time to deal with 5 million wet gloves, snow pants, and socks again. Thank God the electric has held out so I can run the dryer!!

5 PM: Still snowing hard. I go back and forth between wanting to watch the news for updates and flipping it off because it’s repetitious and gets on my nerves. Do I need this talking head to tell me that there are a couple feet of snow out? Nope.

5:15 PM: These reporters do keep mentioning something about checking outside pipes so they aren’t blocked and carbon monoxide doesn’t build up. Maybe we should do that.

6 PM: My husband rocks. He just cooked up the best batch of soup and we ate like crazy. This having him around so much is nice.

8 PM: Okay, he’s crunching an apple and it makes me want to throttle him. Not a fan of mouth noises. I’m going to leave the room so I don’t have to listen to it!

9 PM: Kids are almost ready for bed. Wait, how many things did I accomplish that I actually planned to do? Ah, who cares…looks like we’re home for another day or so anyhow.

10 PM: Oh crap. We forgot to check the carbon monoxide pipe thing. Do I want to bundle up now, go outside, and double check this? Do I? Nah…feeling tired…

The day after the Blizzard:

8 AM: We’re all alive. Guess we didn’t die in our sleep. Thank you Lord.

9 AM: Just had another fabulous meal. I better go outside and catch some exercise so I don’t gain like a thousand pounds while we’re home like this.

9:05 AM: In the meantime, I’ll embrace being in my nice, comfy, stretchy pants.

11 AM: Oh wait. I just realized my kids are wearing the same thermal pj’s they wore yesterday. They call it their “base layer.” Never mind. Who cares besides me? Not like anyone else is going to see us today. I can wash them tomorrow.

1 PM: Okay, I’m thinking they’re going to cancel school tomorrow. Do I want that? Do I want another day at home? The house is a mess….trying not to let it bug me. Embrace the mess. Embrace the mess. That’s what an in-the-moment Mom would do, right?

3 PM: Got the robo-call from the school district. Looks like we’re home for another day or two. That’s okay. If we had school Monday there were a LOT of things on my plate. Not sure I feel like that much adulting post-blizzard. Maybe it’s better this way…




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