40 Bags in 40 Days

Okay friends. I’ve never officially really done anything for Lent in the past.

I primarily grew up in a Mennonite church and Lent was never something that was mentioned much or really observed. Sure, we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection and all ON Easter, but never had a big focus on the days leading up to Easter. Though this is not a super spiritual post today, I began a challenge that does coincide with the Lenten season.

40 bags in 40 days. I’m sure you’ve read of others who have done this in past years. Basically it’s a challenge to intentionally declutter your home in a set time period.

The basic premise is this–spend a little bit of time each day decluttering one area of your home. The goal is to rid your home of at least one bag of stuff a day. Do this for forty days. This may be stuff that you choose to trash, donate, or whatever. Just get it out of your house!


I did start already this week when I had some time at home with no kids around. I tackled a couple of little areas in one day, then made myself a list of other areas to check off on the other days. I had a giant trash bag that I was able to dispose of and a box of items to donate. Since the kitchen is such a big central part of our home, that’s where I started first. A couple of days in and there is already a visible difference!

It’s such a great feeling to get rid of stuff, isn’t it? Whenever I’ve purged in the past, I can honestly say I’ve never missed an item that I’ve gotten rid of. Not even once. I’ve challenged myself for forty days, but am giving myself a little grace for days where there isn’t much time. Perhaps I’ll tackle several areas in one day to make up for it, but the goal is to hit each area and rid our home of at least 40 bags worth of stuff. I don’t think it will be hard.

Stay tuned–I plan to do several updates as I go! I may have a lot of trash every week and will have some trips to the thrift store drop-off. Wish me luck in my 40 bag challenge!

Here’s what I’ve done so far and plan to tackle this week:


Kids art/craft cabinet-done!

Kitchen Counter top clutter-done!

Tupperware cabinet

Other kitchen cabinets


China cupboard & cookbooks


Laundry Closet

Toiletries/Medicine closet




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