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40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 2 Update

A couple of weeks into this bugger and I’m still going semi-strong.

If you have not tuned in thus far, I am tackling a “40 Bags in 40 Days” decluttering challenge. Basically I am ridding my sweet, modest home of any extra junk we don’t use or need (or perhaps just don’t like anymore). There are 7 people that live here, so you can imagine how quickly things can accumulate!

Up to this point I have gotten rid of 12 trash bags and 4 big boxes of various items.  I was extremely pleased that my husband jumped on board without being asked. One of our boys had an event on Saturday, so I was away a good chunk of the day. I came home to find all of his clothes purged and sorted!  Sweet!!


Areas I tackled this past week:


Upstairs bathroom

My clothes

Jeff’s clothes


Downstairs bookshelves

Fabric/Sewing area

What I plan to hit this coming week:

Girl Bedroom

Boy Bedroom


Seasonal Decorations (basement)



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