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40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 3 Update

15 Bags and 11 Boxes.

That’s what I’ve gotten rid of so far in this little challenge.

This week I lost steam for a couple of days so it could have been more than that by now.

The only areas I have left to finish are my basement and my garage.Those are biggies, so I know that there will be plenty of tossing and donating taking place from those areas.

Since the weather is supposed to be warm and spring-like, this should make at least the garage much easier to conquer.

What I’ve tackled this week:

Cleaning supplies-1 bag

Toys-1 bag

Upstairs Hall Closet-1 bag

Heidi’s closet-2 boxes

Boy’s closet-1 bag, 1 giant box

Seasonal Decorations-3 boxes

Areas I plan to tackle this coming week:



Once the basement and garage are completed, I will have gone over the whole house!

What a feeling:)

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