Baquacil vs Chlorine: Which One is Better?

We all want to add the best products when taking care of our swimming pool.  You can affect the swimmer’s health if you use sub-standard products. You can use many products, making it hard to choose the best and one suitable for your needs. Today we have looked at Baquacil vs. Chlorine to decide whichContinue reading “Baquacil vs Chlorine: Which One is Better?”

Filter or Recirculate Pool When Shocking

You might be one of the pool owners who wonder whether to filter or recirculate their pool after shocking.  That is a common problem with many people out there, and today we have an article that can help you understand the two processes better. What Does Recirculate Mean on a Pool Filter? Recirculate is aContinue reading “Filter or Recirculate Pool When Shocking”