Filter or Recirculate Pool When Shocking

Filter or Recirculate Pool When Shocking

You might be one of the pool owners who wonder whether to filter or recirculate their pool after shocking. 

That is a common problem with many people out there, and today we have an article that can help you understand the two processes better.

What Does Recirculate Mean on a Pool Filter?

Recirculate is a setting on the filter that you can set to bypass the filter system. 

It makes the water flow from the pool and back without running via the diatomaceous earth or sand filtration system.

Can You Shock Your Pool on Recirculate?

You can shock your pool with a powdered shock when the filter is on the recirculate setting. 

It is straightforward because you only need to pour the shock into the pool’s skimmer gently. 

The shock will head to the pump and back into the pool through the return jets.

Can You Shock Your Pool on Filter?

Should you decide to run the filter when shocking your pool, it is best to let it run for about eight hours before you add the chemical.

You should also schedule this vital pool maintenance process when the sunsets. 

How Long to Recirculate the Pool?

You should recirculate your swimming pool for about 120 minutes. 

It is a setting that helps to troubleshoot issues with your filter sand and is useful when dealing with algae. 

The water will flow naturally but will avoid the filter sand.

Do You Need Chemicals with a Sand Filter?

Yes, you need chlorine or any other pool chemical even if your facility has a sand filter.

So, if you install a sand pool filter, ensure you maintain it as follows:

  • Backwash the filter: Ensure that you backwash it at least once per month or weekly if you regularly use your pool. Backwash it when the gauge reads 10 pounds than the recommended setting.
  • Change the filter: You should change the sand once every seven years. However, you should change the sand regularly if you do not use chlorine to sanitize your pool. 

Also, keep the pool chemicals balanced to enable the sand filter to continue working effectively and clean it with chemicals after 2-3 years.

Final Words 

You can shock your pool when the filter is on or in a recirculate setting, with the only difference being the run time. 

Make sure that you maintain your sand filter and add chlorine to your facility regularly.

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