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Vintage Sewing Wreath

Y’all should know that I love making wreaths.

Plus I also enjoy sewing AND yard sale shopping for cool vintage finds.

This wreath is a happy marriage of all those things put together!

sewing wreath 009

I took a wide burlap ribbon and threaded it onto a wire wreath frame.

(Please don’t ask me to do a tutorial on it, for me it’s just trial and error. Can’t say I make the greatest ones anyway…)

Then I added a touch of red burlap ribbon for a little color.

sewing wreath 005

Next came the fun part for me. I added things like old button cards, thimbles, and sewing charms from a clearance item at Michael’s.

sewing wreath 012

Also, some wooden spools of thread, both empty and full.

sewing wreath 014

Most of these things came from yard sale box lots, even the cool stand that I have this displayed on.

sewing wreath 011

I have no idea what this is officially called, but it is a ruler on a tripod stand with an arm that tilts forward with hem lengths displayed on it. It is perfect for setting my wreath on.

sewing wreath 016

sewing wreath 003

This was a creative way to use up and display some of those vintage sewing notions I’d accumulated.

sewing wreath 019

All in all, this is different than any other wreath I’ve ever made, but I personally love it!

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Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Fall is officially here and I’m starting to see pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Today I’m going to show you how to make some easy-peasy fabric pumpkins. For me, the beauty of using fabric (besides the fact that I just plain love it) is that it comes in such a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. This is also a great project to use upcycled pieces, like the sweater I used to make the blue pumpkin shown here.

My little line-up of fabric pumpkins.

Wanna make some for yourself? Here’s how I did it:

Choose the fabric you want to use. Just about any kind will work for this project!

Check out this fabric I found at a thrift store. I got @2 yards for something like $2! I just used some to make something for a friend and I thought it would make a sharp looking pumpkin.

Cut your fabric into a circle--pretty much any size will do.
Using needle and thread, sew a basting stitch around the perimeter of your circle. Pull slightly on it as you go--notice how mine is starting to gather.
Go the whole way around, leaving an opening at the top. Don't snip that thread yet!
Take a strip of burlap (or felt), fold in half lengthwise, and proceed to roll up a bit. This will be your stem, so you can decide how thick you want it to be. Use hot glue to hold together.

After this step, stuff gathered fabric with polyfil or fabric scraps. Hot glue around base of stem, insert into the opening of the pumpkin, and pull thread taut. At this point I made a couple of tiny stitches to hold into place as well, then was able to snip my thread.

One made from upcycled sweater material.
A trio of blue pumpkins.
Whooo....loves pumpkins?
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Fall Burlap and Felt Rosette Wreath

So, I’ve seen these all over other blogs lately and decided to try one out for myself. Let me tell ya, these little felt rosettes are just about addictive! They’re so cute and so easy to make it’s just about ridiculous. I’m not a big wreath maker, but once I finished this one, I totally wanted to try another. I guess I’m just wired that way!

My bevy of felt rosettes in a retro color combo.
My first finished wreath.

If you don’t know how to do felt rosettes, I’ll show you how using this pumpkin orange color. This is from an actual orange wool skirt from Goodwill that I felted last year.

First step-Cut felt into a circle shape and then cut a pinwheel into it.

Next, roll it up starting from the outside. Make sure it remains flat on the bottom side.

This is what a finished one looks like, from the top and from the bottom. Notice that I used the end “flap” portion to anchor the bottom of the rose. Hot glue this in place. Repeat this same process for all your roses, varying some of the sizes.

Since I wanted a burlap wreath base, I took strips of burlap (@5-6″ wide), folded them in half lengthwise, and wrapped them around a foam wreath form. Hot glue each end into place and make sure you overlap each one just a bit for good coverage.

See this retro-y looking piece of linen fabric? I picked it up in the form of another skirt at Goodwill and hadn’t found a good use for it yet. Well, I finally found a use for it–yes!! I used it to make the hanger for my wreath and another pinwheel type embellishment. Notice it has the same color orange in it, plus teal. So, I decided to make teal colored felt roses to go with. I know, probably not the color combo that everyone would exactly love, but I had read that it is a fall trend for this year. Honestly, I was feelin’ a little risky putting these colors together, but I actually dig the results.

Since I was on a roll, I made another wreath using a grapevine one. For this one, I tried out another method for my flowers using different fabrics and burlap. I didn’t take any pictures of how I made them, just kind of rolled and wrapped them into rose shapes.

My other finished wreath in a different color combo.
A close up of my rolled roses.

For these roses, I used burlap, cotton, felt, and pieces of a gray cashmere sweater that I had upcycled. I liked the color combo of this one as well. So now I’m curious, which wreath do you like better and why?