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40 Bags in 40 Days: Wrapping Up

Well, this is it. My 40 days are over and I’m DONE!

If you have missed my earlier posts, last month I had challenged myself to get rid of at least 1 bag of trash or donated items a day for 40 days.

The final tally? 15 bags and a whopping 32 boxes of stuff.

Some of these were just plain trash and others were donated to a local thrift store.

Would I do this again in the future? Absolutely.

Honestly, I think it would be beneficial to do it at least once a year. Sure, I’ve done purges before, but not quite as intentionally as this one. There were several areas I hadn’t even fully touched in a few years (hello, Christmas decoration area). Others I’ve gone over here and there, but stuff just accumulates, you know? Especially when you have seven bodies in one house. I can candidly say that I didn’t have to invest a huge amount of time to this project, just a bit every day.

Now, some of you may be wondering if I had heard of or read the Marie Kondo book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up). I did pick up a copy over this time and read it. Obviously I did not follow her method, as she recommends tackling categories like all the clothing all at once and doing one giant purge within a very short time frame. Some of her recommendations were good, like only keep what you love and discard everything that does not bring you joy in some way. A few other things in the book were a little too new-agey to me and I found myself kind of rolling my eyes a bit.

So, all in all, I am sort of proud and glad that I followed this thing through. I would recommend it to anyone feeling the creep of “too much stuff.”


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40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 3 Update

15 Bags and 11 Boxes.

That’s what I’ve gotten rid of so far in this little challenge.

This week I lost steam for a couple of days so it could have been more than that by now.

The only areas I have left to finish are my basement and my garage.Those are biggies, so I know that there will be plenty of tossing and donating taking place from those areas.

Since the weather is supposed to be warm and spring-like, this should make at least the garage much easier to conquer.

What I’ve tackled this week:

Cleaning supplies-1 bag

Toys-1 bag

Upstairs Hall Closet-1 bag

Heidi’s closet-2 boxes

Boy’s closet-1 bag, 1 giant box

Seasonal Decorations-3 boxes

Areas I plan to tackle this coming week:



Once the basement and garage are completed, I will have gone over the whole house!

What a feeling:)

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40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 2 Update

A couple of weeks into this bugger and I’m still going semi-strong.

If you have not tuned in thus far, I am tackling a “40 Bags in 40 Days” decluttering challenge. Basically I am ridding my sweet, modest home of any extra junk we don’t use or need (or perhaps just don’t like anymore). There are 7 people that live here, so you can imagine how quickly things can accumulate!

Up to this point I have gotten rid of 12 trash bags and 4 big boxes of various items.  I was extremely pleased that my husband jumped on board without being asked. One of our boys had an event on Saturday, so I was away a good chunk of the day. I came home to find all of his clothes purged and sorted!  Sweet!!


Areas I tackled this past week:


Upstairs bathroom

My clothes

Jeff’s clothes


Downstairs bookshelves

Fabric/Sewing area

What I plan to hit this coming week:

Girl Bedroom

Boy Bedroom


Seasonal Decorations (basement)



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40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 1 Update

Today I am updating you all on how my “40 Bags in 40 Days” challenge is going.

Seven days have passed since I first posted about this.

So, how’d I do? Did I keep it up or did I  fall off of the decluttering wagon?

Well….so far I have rounded up 6 big trash bags full of stuff to pitch and 3 big boxes of items to donate. It feels great.

I’m glad that I did give myself grace as far as one area a day, because there were two days where I just didn’t have the time to tackle it. However, I was able to make up several areas in one day where I did have the time & energy to purge things.

One mistake I’ve made is trying to do this one day when the kids were here to see what was being taken out….not good. Especially when I hit their game shelving area. Suddenly a penguin game that I thought they were done with was the best thing ever and literally made one kid cry. I caved and let it come back in the house where they played with it for the next hour. Everything else left the house.


Areas I have purged so far:

Kids art/craft cabinet


China cabinet



Downstairs bathroom

Medicine closet/toiletries

Coat closet/Pegs

Game shelf


Kitchen countertops


Laundry Closet

Game plan for this coming week:


Master bedroom closet

Under the bed

Living room bookshelves

Fabric/sewing area

Our dressers

Upstairs hall closet

I’ll check back in another week to let you know how it has progressed.

So far so good!







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Ode to Spring Cleaning

April has come and it’s that time once more,

To clean out those closets and deep clean my floor.

“It will be fun!” I convince myself with a smile,

For it’s been a long winter and definitely a while.

There are dust bunnies under the couch and the bed,

And when I open my closet, something falls on my head!

Salt and muddy boots have made my floor a mess,

Cobwebs and stink bugs are lurking behind the desk.

So…I bolster myself and write up a long list,

Double-check my supplies, and of course, Pinterest,

Chug down some coffee  and eat some chocolate too,

For there’s lots and lots of hard work to do.

images (9)

I start with the bathrooms, both upstairs and down,

Wiping and scrubbing, I am beginning  to frown,

How did the room get this dog-gone dirty!?

It’s not like I haven’t cleaned since I turned thirty!

4 boys, their sister (and don’t forget their dad)

They must be the reason it looked so bad.

Well, now that’s done, so on to the kid’s rooms,

Where I find dried apple cores, toy trucks, and rainbow looms,

Legomen,  Barbies, and stuffed animals too,

23 sock singles, snotty tissues, and an old kazoo,

Rocks from a collection, and baseball cards as well,

I tossed some old favorites…Shhh! Don’t tell!!!

The upstairs is done, now on to the rooms below,

My fervency is definitely starting to slow,

I caffeinate myself for yet another round,

Dust off my duster and take the rugs out to pound,

Lift up the couch cushions, and what do I discover?

4 dollars in change and a car that used to hover,

Lost earrings, some raisins, and a tangle of string,

Goldfish, broken crayons, and a plastic bling-ring.

I toss some out and mercilessly suck up the rest,

Okay, this cleaning’s gonna put me to the test!

Does anyone here care? Will they even give it a glance?

Perhaps they will, I’ll just give them a chance.

I take a little rest, give myself an ice cream scoop,

I’m not even done yet, and boy am I pooped.

I drag myself off to clean the oven and range,

The microwave is full of specks that look strange!

Almost done, just need to wipe the cabinets and door,

Oooh, stale Truffles! I need one…or how about four?

Wearily I prop up my feet and wait for all to come home,

Put away the rags, brooms, and crazy cleaning foam.

Here comes the school bus, and Daddy’s home too,

Surely they will notice the hard work that I do?

images (10)

They toss off their coats and promptly ask for a snack,

I get myself up and stretch my aching back.

By evening’s end my work appears mostly undone,

Oh well, that’s how it goes…isn’t Spring Cleaning fun?

-by Rachel Craig