Parenting Tales

Snow Day!

Snow Day! When you hear those words, are you excited?Giddy as a kid? Or do you audibly (or not) moan and groan? I have to admit, I am a combination of all of the above. Granted, the snow is really beautiful, and in one way it’s awfully nice to have all obligations cancelled out for the day and evening. On the other hand, if you’re at the same stage of life as myself, I am now used to having at least a couple of children in school. In fact, this year Ihave all 3 of my oldest in school ALL day.  My littlest two are just in preschool two mornings a week. Tobe honest, I have gotten to where I really, REALLY enjoy having a littl e break from my kids. My oldest is 9 1/2, 10 this summer. Since he’s been born, I hadn’t had any regularly scheduled time to myself. This fall was the first time that I had any kind of “break” on a regular basis. If you’re not to that point in life yet, I can tell you that it’s really wonderful! You learn to enjoy and savor that window of time like crazy. At one point in my life, when my twins were babies, I NEVER thought I would reach that stage. I felt like we were always going to be in the baby stage.  Well, unless you keep constantly having babies, you do get there eventually. I can say with complete honesty that I savor that time to myself, yet enjoy my little ones once we’re back together again. When my big guys step off the bus, I can honestly tell them that I’ve missed them and enjoy hearing about their day.

So, back to my point. Yes, I’m a little excited when I hear that it’s a snow day. We get to stay home (which, when your kids get older, seems to be less and less!) and have some downtime together. On the other hand, my kids tend to be constantly underfoot on those days. We have 7 bodies in a very modest-sized house. I may try to clean an area, but guaranteed minutes later my efforts will seem fruitless. I get irritated and short-tempered. Then I feel guilty for being that way. After all, I should just be glad to have extra QT with my main squeezes. At these moments I have to take a deep breath (well, maybe a couple of them) and remind myself how blessed I really am just to have all these little people in my life. Enjoy them, not just my short times away from them. I truly admire all of the homeschool moms out there. Though others may describe me as “patient” and “cool and calm,” I really don’t know if I would have what it takes to have them all home with me all the time. Fortunately for us, we live in a really wonderful school district with fabulous teachers, many of whom are Christians. For now, I feel completely comfortable sending my gang to public school. Whether or not that will change in the future, who knows? Right now I know that I need to enjoy the moments that I DO have with my kiddos. Forget about my to-do lists, attempting to keep a perfect house, etc.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go out and play in the snow with my kids.