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Easy DIY Earring Holder

Hey everyone! I realized that it has been awhile since I put any crafty ideas on here.

(By the way, how do you like the new look on my blog? It was past time to freshen it up a bit and I found that this theme suited me.)

Anyway, today’s project is one that has actually been made and in use for many years at my house already.

It’s not really a new or novel idea, but one that I think looks nice and keeps my dangly earrings semi-organized.

I was on a purging/organizing spree the last two weeks and cleaned up my jewelry area, so I figured I would share my earring organizer and display.

earring holder 005

There really isn’t much of a tutorial for it. Basically I had been given an antique wooden picture frame minus any glass. All I did was clean it up and cut a rectangle of window screen out that more than covered the front open area. Then I proceeded to use a heavy duty staple gun to attach the screen to the back part, stretching it out as I went so it was taut.

earring holder 008

One could also use chicken wire, lace, or anything else with holes that you could hang earring hooks onto.

earring holder 009

I enjoy seeing some of my favorite pairs hanging up in rows. I used to make a lot of jewelry, so probably over half of these are ones I’ve put together at one point or another. All of my post-style earrings are kept in little pinch pots that my kids have made in art class at school.

Anyway, that’s really all I have for you today. Nothing earth shattering or new, but something that does work well for me.

Happy March to everyone. I am more than ready for Spring to arrive!!

Craft/DIY Ideas

Handmade Christmas 2014: Personalized Initial Pendants

As of this moment, nearly a week before Thanksgiving, I am proud to say I am well over halfway done my Christmas gift shopping.

I also have a lot of gifts made and at least most of the way ready to go. What a good feeling!

Today’s handmade gift idea is one I just did for my 3 nieces as well as my daughter. All are between the ages of 6 and 9.

nov 2014 014

Each pendant has their first initial, along with a little charm that contains a pearl and their birthstone.

Though I have a lot of experience making jewelry, this is one style I have not done yet, so I have a learning curve to go through.

nov 2014 004

For starters, I picked up a package of these pendant backs and clear fronts at Michael’s.

I typed out each girl’s initial in a couple different fonts, using a fairly large font size. I had to experiment with several before getting one that I thought looked just right for the round pendants they were to go on.

nov 2014 007

I then cut out a margin around each letter and glued the flat side of the clear topper, pressing it down onto the paper so the letter was centered. I used a clear tacky glue that’s supposed to be multi-surface, but I’m not sure what the best kind would be. It looks a little foggy while still wet (like pictured above), but clears up once dry. After it feels pretty dry, trim the paper to the edge of the circle so nothing is sticking out. Then use the same glue to bond the back and front together.

nov 2014 010

I added a jumpring to the top of the pendant, then strung it on a necklace cord.

I also beaded a crystal with each girl’s birthstone color along with a faux pearl onto a headpin. Then I used pliers to make a little loop to attach it to the cord or the jumpring as well. One could also do this onto a necklace chain of whatever quality you choose.

Overall I liked how these turned out and would love to experiment more with this style of jewelry.

Made with love and hopefully a hit at Christmas!

Craft/DIY Ideas

Handmade Christmas 2013: Button and Flower Rings

Today’s handmade Christmas gift idea targets all of the little ladies in your life. I know my own daughter was practically swooning over these cutesy rings I slapped together this past week.

cmas wreaths, button rings 041

When I use the phrase “slap together,” I mean that they are so stinking quick to make. Even if you are craft-challenged, these are a breeze to create.

cmas wreaths, button rings 034

What you need: A set of ring blanks (found in jewelry section of craft store under “findings”), Krazy glue (or other jewelry bonding agent), flower cabochons or button cover kit with fabric circles.

To make flower rings: Pick out a flower cabochon and adhere the back of it to the flat circle front of the ring blank. Allow to set and that’s it!

cmas wreaths, button rings 042

To make button rings: Using a button cover kit, use pliers to remove back button shank so that the back portion is completely flat. Put button together with fabric scrap circle. Adhere back of button to front of ring and allow to set.

cmas wreaths, button rings 043

cmas wreaths, button rings 051

cmas wreaths, button rings 044

Craft/DIY Ideas

Thimble & Flowers Necklace

This project is one I’ve been aching to try out. Thanks to a gloomy morning and nothing on our schedule today, I was able to make this cute thimble necklace.

My original inspiration came from this post, so it really wasn’t my idea. I did think it was awfully clever, so of course I had to be a big copycat and make one for myself.

In case you would want to make one too, here’s a quick play by play of how I put this pendant together.

Gather supplies. You will need one thimble, green yarn or embroidery floss, colored head sewing pins, hot glue gun, silver jewelry wire, pliers, silver jumpring.

Take a length of jewelry wire and wrap it around the edge of your thimble. I doubled mine, used a little hot glue to hold it in place, and twisted the ends together with my pliers. I first attempted to make a jumpring thing with my wire , but soon abandoned that idea and used a regular jumpring instead. (As you can see in my picture above, it wasn’t too pretty.)

Choose the pins you will use for your flowers. I snipped the ends off of all of them because they were a little too tall for my thimble arrangement.

Next you will squeeze some hot glue into the bottom inside portion of your thimble flowerpot. Arrange your pins inside the thimble and add some more hot glue.

I will warn you now–this is a hot job! Watch your fingers because the outside of the thimble will get really hot as you fill it with glue. Once you have your pins arranged, fill up with more glue and add your green yarn or floss. Press down a little so it adheres to the glue part.

That’s pretty much it. This doesn’t take very long to assemble. The last thing you need to do is string this onto a necklace chain, leather cord, or whatever else you want to use. I chose a silver necklace chain that I already had.

This would make a great handmade gift for anyone who enjoys sewing.

Craft/DIY Ideas

Yarn-Wrapped Hoop Earrings

This is for all you hoop-earring wearers out there! You ladies know how easy it is to accessorize with a great pair of hoops. I love wearing fun earrings and decided to update a plain pair of silver hoops using a simple piece of colorful yarn.

You may not love the purple, but it’s what I had lying around. There’s loads of fun yarn colors out there, but you could also use embroidery floss as well. Want to see how I made these? They were easy-peasy:

Take a pair of Plain Jane hoops. This was a cheapo pair from Wal Mart.

Take a long piece of yarn and knot it once on the top side of a hoop. You may want to put on a dab of hot glue to hold it in place.

Criss-cross the two ends of yarn in the back, bring around to the front, and tie another knot. Repeat, going around the entire hoop in this manner, Make sure you do this tightly enough so none of the metal shines through. When you get to the other end, do a couple of extra small knots and dab another dot of glue to adhere. Trim the ends of your yarn.

That’s it! Easy, right?

So go ahead and color up your world.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Craft/DIY Ideas

Birds Nest Jewelry Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner, these would make a thoughtful handmade gift. Whether made into a pendant, pin, or something else, these little wired birds nests are too sweet.

I know I would love to receive one! However, now I know how to make my own and let me assure you, these cutie pies are super easy to make. Even if you have zero jewelry-making experience, I really think you could pull this off. All you need to make these are the following:

Wire (I used 22 gauge), beads, and pliers. I ended up using several feet of the wire for one nest and utilized glass pearls.

The first step is to string your “eggs” onto the wire. I always do this step first in the configuration that I like. Making a gift for a Mom or Grandma? Coordinate the number of eggs with the number of children or grandchildren that they have. I recently made one of these as a pendant for my Mom with 7 small pearls, one for each of her grandbabies. So, string the eggs on and start to wrap the wire in a circular pattern. The beauty of this project is that you really can’t mess it up! With the gauge of wire I used, I could easily manipulate it without using my pliers often. However, if you use a stiffer gauge, you may need the pliers a bit more. Keep wrapping until the nest looks full. I also try to keep mine flat on the bottom so that it sits nicely. Once I get to the point where it looks full, I also loop the wire around so that it holds all of those layers of wire together. Making little loops, whorls, and curlicues just adds to the charm.

As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to white or cream-colored pearls. I’ve also seen ones made of gold wire that look great.

Add a little loop of wire to the top for a pendant, glue a pinback on for a cute brooch, make tiny nests for a pair of earrings, or wrap wire onto the back for a chic ring.