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My Love of Lemons

I love lemons.

I love the smell of them, love the taste of them in certain foods, and their yellow color makes me happy. In fact, one of my favorite decor ideas in the spring through summertime is just to have a glass bowl of lemons in the middle of my table. Not mind-blowingly creative, but it always looks fresh and pretty! Here’s some other beautiful ideas that I’ve stumbled across using lemons in decor, whether it’s for everyday or for a special event.

Lemons in a bowl with a blue ribbon tied and pinned around their middles. Photo from
A gorgeous wreath made of lemons. Photo courtesy of
Lemons paired with bright pink blossoms and some greenery make an elegant centerpiece. Photo from
Using lemons as place card holders for a wedding or special event. Other fruits would work nicely too! Courtesy of
I love the look of these in a simple blue bowl. Photo from
How easy is this? Stack a few in a tall glass and add water.
You wouldn’t even need a special event to use this idea. Arrange lemon slices in a mason jar and use for a flower bouquet. So pretty! Photo courtesy of

Lastly, since my family loves to make a lot of fresh-squeezed lemonade in the summer (and year round), I had to throw this one in. I would love to have a big ole’ dispenser like that!

Photo courtesy of