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“Gather” Mini-Grapevine Wreath

Well, apparently I’m on a bit of a wreath kick again. They really are one of my most favorite things to make.

fall decor 2014 001

This time around I went for a grapevine one, just to mix things up.

fall decor 2014 002

It is adorned with these little flowers I made from a cute orange & white houndstooth print fabric.

fall decor 2014 003

Across the top I formed the word “Gather” using scrabble tiles. They are mounted on a rectangle of burlap, which I let peek out around the edges. The burlap is on another rectangle of felt for a little stability. Everything is hot glued onto the grapevine.

I used just a basic gold ribbon for hanging.

fall decor 2014 005

All in all, a quick little project that turned out sorta cute.

Blessings to all,


Craft/DIY Ideas

Bloomin’ Burlap Wreath

Some pops of bright color make this wreath suitable for hanging in spring or summer.

ebay 3-27-14 043

I especially love the contrast in textures between the burlap, felt, and lace.

ebay 3-27-14 045

Oh yes, in case you’re wondering, that really is a hot pink lace doily thrown in the mix.

I thought it added a little something extra to it.

ebay 3-27-14 049

Mixed with this assortment of bright felt flowers, it definitely perks up the burlap.

ebay 3-27-14 043

I chose a simple white grosgrain ribbon as a hanger.

Easy peasy and kinda fun.

Maybe not for everyone, but I really like it:)

Craft/DIY Ideas

Gingham Wrapped Favors

Today I am sharing an idea for favors that could be used for a banquet, party, shower, or even a wedding.

B & G favors 2014 006

If you’re into gingham, that is.

I made a bunch of these recently for a cub scout banquet, also known as the “Blue and Gold Banquet” that is held annually. Basically I wanted to make something that looked non-girly but was still cute.

B & G favors 2014 003

Inside each one is an individually wrapped mint. Since I had to make over 100, I bought the mints at a bulk foods store.

These were incredibly easy to make and I could see them working with a lot of different color schemes. Also since these were for a Blue and Gold banquet, I used a blue and white gingham and a yellow cotton yarn.

B & G favors 2014 011For the gingham, I cut squares that were right around 5″ by 5″ a piece.

I can’t really explain how I wrapped them, but pretty much like you would a present and so no raw edges of the fabric were sticking out. After cutting about a 12″ piece of yarn, I wrapped it around the fabric one way, then crossed the two pieces and wrapped them the other way. Each ended up with a simple little bow on the front.

B & G favors 2014 010

B & G favors 2014 009

As I mentioned earlier, I could really see this same general idea used for a variety of occasions. I would totally use this idea again for shower favors or even for a wedding. Gingham can be found in a whole plethora of colors, plus they could be wrapped with twine or any kind of ribbon.

To see another one of my favor ideas, check out this post from almost two years ago. It’s one of my most viewed posts ever!

Craft/DIY Ideas

A Minty Valentine

This is a super quick little Valentine idea for today.

I think it would be appropriate for littler or bigger kids and isn’t too mushy-gushy.

mint valentines 011

I simply took a package of Mentos mints and attached a little tag that I had printed out with a piece of rickrack.

The tag reads, “We were ‘mint’ to be friends.”

I can see this same idea going with a box of Junior Mints, Mint Hershey Kisses, or any other candy that is mint based.

Happy February everyone!


Craft/DIY Ideas

Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath

Since a lot of people often decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, I thought it would be timely to share a Christmas wreath idea today.

cmas wreaths, button rings 004

This one is a heart-shaped foam wreath form wrapped with a red yarn and embellished with white felt roses.

cmas wreaths, button rings 005

I also used a little green felt to make leaves for the roses. A green with red grosgrain ribbon was used as the hanger.

cmas wreaths, button rings 001

Very simple and not a lot of bells and whistles, but sometimes simplest is best.

While I have made my share of yarn-wrapped wreaths, doing a heart shape was new for me. The result is pretty, but I have to admit that wrapping it was much more awkward than doing a basic circle wreath, especially when it comes to the center point areas. It definitely took a lot of yarn to make sure those areas were well covered.

Actually, if you just switch out the ribbon, this would make a great Valentine’s Day wreath as well!

If you want to check out my Christmas wreaths from previous years, here are the links:

book wreaths, jars 025

Book Page wreath, this one made out of old sheet music.

yarn wreath 010

A Yuletide Yarn Wreath

red wreath 004

Red Hot Wreath, wrapped in vintage fabric.

Can you tell I love making wreaths? Oh yes I do.

Hope you count your blessings tomorrow and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Craft/DIY Ideas

Handmade Christmas 2013: Scrabble Names Wall Art

This next gift idea is one I whipped up for a friend…so don’t tell her I made it.

It’ll be a secret.

Not really.

I think she reads my blog at least semi-often, so I know she’s going to see it soon enough.

Oh well. We were never too good at surprising one another anyhow.

scrabble board, music ornament 001

Take a peek. It’s all the names in her family spelled out in scrabble tiles.

scrabble board, music ornament 006

Each name intersects with at least one other. I started with the parents, then did the oldest child, and built from there. The letter tiles I purchased off of Amazon and the burlap board I found at Wal Mart (or you can cover a plain canvas with burlap). Wal Mart had many sizes and shapes, and I believe this one is 10″ by 10″. Each letter is just hot glued onto the burlap.

scrabble board, music ornament 007

One corner of the board looked a little empty, so I placed their last name in that spot by itself.

scrabble board, music ornament 008

All in all, I think this is a neat family gift that is very personalized.

I wouldn’t mind making one for my own family, so I may be doing one in the coming days for us. We’re kind of nerdy, so the Scrabble tiles suit us pretty well:)

Craft/DIY Ideas

Handmade Christmas 2013: Button and Flower Rings

Today’s handmade Christmas gift idea targets all of the little ladies in your life. I know my own daughter was practically swooning over these cutesy rings I slapped together this past week.

cmas wreaths, button rings 041

When I use the phrase “slap together,” I mean that they are so stinking quick to make. Even if you are craft-challenged, these are a breeze to create.

cmas wreaths, button rings 034

What you need: A set of ring blanks (found in jewelry section of craft store under “findings”), Krazy glue (or other jewelry bonding agent), flower cabochons or button cover kit with fabric circles.

To make flower rings: Pick out a flower cabochon and adhere the back of it to the flat circle front of the ring blank. Allow to set and that’s it!

cmas wreaths, button rings 042

To make button rings: Using a button cover kit, use pliers to remove back button shank so that the back portion is completely flat. Put button together with fabric scrap circle. Adhere back of button to front of ring and allow to set.

cmas wreaths, button rings 043

cmas wreaths, button rings 051

cmas wreaths, button rings 044