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Stenciled Tank Top Tutorial

Ever have one of those clothing pieces that you just can’t bear to part with? Even if you haven’t worn it in quite some time? Well, meet my burnt orange tank top, worn for ?? years, a nice little layering piece that I can’t bear to part with. I recently splurged and bought a set of Martha Stewart’s new stencils and a couple bottles of paint from her new Plaid paint line which can be used on almost any surface. The stencil I bought was called Arabesque because I thought it may be very versatile and the paint color I used is called Metallic Copper, a perfect complement to my orange tank. Check out the results:

The process was so, so easy. Here’s what I did to breathe new life into my boring old tank:

First off, I laid my tank down flat on a table, putting a thin piece of cardboard inside so no paint would soak through to the back side. I chose to start at the bottom corner and taped it down where I wanted it. Then, using a foam brush, I tapped paint onto the design. Since this piece is a ribbed material, it took a little doing to get it evenly distributed. Probably if it was completely plain I’m thinking it would go on a whole lot smoother and quicker. Once that was complete, I just pulled the whole thing off, leaving this…

Then I kept on going, combining this larger design with a smaller one that I felt went with it nicely.

Now it feels like I have a new addition to my fall wardrobe. You’ll probably see me sporting this under a comfy cardigan or jacket!