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How to Make Storybook Bunting

Banbi & Friends displayed in a whole new way.

Oh, for the love of Little Golden Books! I have always been a big reader and don’t know too many kids who didn’t have at least a few Little Golden Books. The first of these that I remember sat in my Granny’s house near her piano. I forget the title, but it had kids hymns in it with pictures and the music shown below it. Awhile back I stumbled upon an idea for this storybook bunting using LGB’s on and had to give it a whirl. Though we are beyond the baby stages now, I think these would be absolutely adorable as nursery decor or in a little kids’ room. Wanna try to make one? Here are the directions that I followed to make mine:

Part of our Little Golden Book stash.

1. Choose a book that you want to use. It doesn’t have to be a LGB, just one that has great pics that take up a good part of a page each. Vintage kids storybooks would be a fabulous option, as long as the pages aren’t too thin.

The Bambi book minus its pages.

2. Carefully tear out all of the pages in the book. Decide which side of each page you would like to showcase. (For those of you who are horrified by my desecrating a Little Golden Book, my apologies.)

Things are shaping up!

3. Choose a shape you want your pictures to be. I chose this sort of pocket shape because it didn’t leave out good parts of my picture. To make things easier, cut a template of the shape out of heavy cardstock. Trace and cut for each one of your pages.

Putting my good ole' Singer to work again.

4. Choose a ribbon (I used a polka-dot grosgrain) to connect all of your shapes together. Mine used an entire 3 yd spool, but really you could make it any length you want. Make sure to leave a tail at each end for hanging. Since I was sewing mine on, I pinned them onto the ribbon beforehand so they were spaced out properly. To my non-sewing readers: a hot glue gun to connect everything would work just fine too! If you are sewing these on, I used a zigzag stitch from one end to the other.


Not too complicated, right? I like the result and plan on trying out different variations of this idea. Maybe I’ll pick up some more old books

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Upcycled Candy Wrapper Bracelet

I’m not sure when it starts, but all of my kids learn to associate banking with Dum-Dum lollipops. If I even mention the word “bank,” they immediately have concerns about whether or not they will be getting a lollipop and which flavor it will be. The girls who work at our bank (we pretty much always do drive-thru) always ask “how many do you have with you today?” and know to give all of the same flavor (less battles that way!). It is not unusual to find Dum-Dum wrappers strewn about the floor of my van, amongst many other various items. Awhile back I saw a post on about using Dum-Dum or other candy wrappers and Mod Podge to make cute beads for kids. I of course at least had to give it a whirl, so we saved up our wrappers and today I had a block of time to try it out. I was pleased with the results and my little gal now has a cute new bracelet to flaunt. It was quite easy and took few materials: candy wrappers, Mod Podge, paintbrush, beads, beading wire or stretchy beading cord, bamboo skewer. Want directions? First things first–make sure your candy wrappers are clean and dry. Lay out the beads you will use and get your Mod Podge and paintbrush ready.

Got a bunch of these lying around?

I also used a paper plate to contain some of my mess. The beads I used were a puffy coin shape, so I “painted” their surface with the Mod Podge and also the inside surface of the wrapper. I used my fingers to wrap it around the bead, trimming any excess wrapper as I went. (Your hands will get messy/gluey with this craft.)

Wrapping the beads.

 More Mod Podge can be painted on the outside to get it to adhere well and to help smooth it out. Use the pointy end of the bamboo skewer to reinforce the holes of the bead. Allow to dry and then string onto a stretchy cord or onto beading wire. I put mine on Accuflex wire and then used a barrel clasp as a closure. As you can see, I also used some gum wrappers, but I’m sure lots of candy wrappers would work for this project. Cute, huh?

If you're either a Dum-Dum or Smartie at crafting, you can do this.