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A Minty Valentine

This is a super quick little Valentine idea for today.

I think it would be appropriate for littler or bigger kids and isn’t too mushy-gushy.

mint valentines 011

I simply took a package of Mentos mints and attached a little tag that I had printed out with a piece of rickrack.

The tag reads, “We were ‘mint’ to be friends.”

I can see this same idea going with a box of Junior Mints, Mint Hershey Kisses, or any other candy that is mint based.

Happy February everyone!


Craft/DIY Ideas

Paper Heart Valentine Garland

On tap for today is a pretty paper garland, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

V-Day paper garland 003

V-Day paper garland 023

These are pretty quick to whip up–all you need is an old book or hymnal, scissors, and a sewing machine.

V-Day paper garland 044

Cut out a bunch of hearts that are the same size. I used a few pieces of paper stacked together and was able to cut out quite a few in a short time.

V-Day paper garland 039

After cutting out gobs of these, all you have to do is sew two at a time together (as you can see, I used red thread) down the middle of the heart. Keep adding sets of two as you go. You an either make all of them flush against each other or stagger them out, leaving an inch or two of thread in between the sets of hearts. At this point I’ll also add that I made a nice length of thread at the beginning and end of each garland for hanging purposes.

V-Day paper garland 020

When finished, you can either let the hearts hang as is or fold each in half, creating a 3-dimensional look.

V-Day paper garland 002

After hanging this up and taking pics, I realized this would look MUCH better against a darker wall. Oh well. I also thought about combining this music paper with red cardstock and alternating them.

By the way, do ya like my chalkboard? This is hanging in our entryway and was a 5 cent yard sale steal. I usually have a verse written on it, but decided to do “LOVE” in a font that I liked. I looked some fonts up, saw how LOVE looked written in this particular one, then copied it freehand in pink chalk.

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Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Wafers

If you need a fresh little Valentine treat idea for all the festivities this coming week, then you’re in luck!

strawberry wafers 012

strawberry wafers 015

Of course, almost anything dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles is good in my book;)

These are pretty much self-explanatory to make, but I’ll give you the quick run-down:

strawberry wafers 001

I took these strawberry wafer cookies and nuked some chocolate chips until they were nicely melted.

(For the record, I highly recommend using Wilbur milk chocolate wafers for melting, I just didn’t have any on hand at the time.)

Then I just dipped the ends in the chocolate and let them dry on wax paper.

strawberry wafers 002

While they’re still a little wet, pile on the pretty sprinkles!

strawberry wafers 009

strawberry wafers 014

I didn’t package these yet, but I imagine they would be cute in a little treat bag with ribbon or something along those lines.

Or, as I mentioned in the beginning of my post, they would be easy to make for a Valentine’s party.

 Happy Heart Day!

Craft/DIY Ideas

I’ve Got My Eye On You!

I have another quick, easy, and handmade kiddie Valentine idea for you…

eye valentine 003

eye valentine 008It literally took about 10-15 minutes to make a bunch.

The supplies are minimal too. All you need is cardstock, glue, cutter/scissors, googly eyes, and a printer.

I printed out my saying, “Valentine, I’ve had my ___ on you!” on basic white paper. Afterwards, I cut it out and glued it to a rectangle of folded colored cardstock.

The last step? Glue on that googly eye right where there’s a blank spot.

eye valentine 012

The kids can write their “To” and “From” on the inside, plus any additional message they may have.

Hopefully other kids won’t think they are little stalkers with the “i’ve had my eye on you!” message on the front! LOL!

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A Rockin’ Valentine

So this is a super simple Valentine idea using Pop Rocks candy.

pop rocks valentine 011

What kid wouldn’t feel mega-cool getting this in their Valentine box or bag at school?

I know I would have loved getting this back in the day.

pop rocks valentine 004

All you need to make these are some Pop Rocks candy, your computer, paper, cardstock, glue, and staples.

I printed out the words “You Rock Valentine!” in a font that I thought looked good with the whole rockin’ theme, along with a clip art guitar.

After printing them out, I simply glued them to a rectangle of cardstock and stapled the whole thing to the actual package of Pop Rocks.

pop rocks valentine 009

That’s basically all you need to do!

I’m planning to come up with a few more fun Valentine ideas as my kids haven’t done any for their classmates yet.

(Yes, I am one of those Moms whose kids usually bring in homemade Valentines.)

Have a rockin’ weekend!

Craft/DIY Ideas

A Smartie Pants Valentine

Happy Monday everyone! I drew this one out of my archives as it was one of my favorite Valentines to make last year. It’s also one that gets “pinned” on Pinterest fairly often, so I thought I’d give it a second showing.


I like this Valentine because it could be suitable for a boy or a girl. Our house is a bit outnumbered with boys, so I thought this may be appropriate for one of my guys to give as Valentine’s for their class.

It’s supposed to resemble a jeans pants pocket with a pack of Smarties candy tucked inside. The caption reads “Happy Valentine’s Day Smartie Pants.” I’m sure it’s mostly self-explanatory, but in case you need directions on how to make this, here’s what I did:

I cut out large rectangles in a light blue color of cardstock. Then I took a darker shade of blue, made a template, and cut out a corresponding number of pocket shapes (they have to be large enough to hold a package of Smarties). On my computer, I typed out a simple document with the wording and printed it also in dark blue.

Glue on the wording near the bottom. Turn on your sewing machine and straight stitch around all edges of the pocket except for the top. (Yes, I realize I may be a bit over the top for sewing a bunch of kids’ valentines, but that’s just who I am. 🙂 It’s actually more secure than trying to glue the darn thing and didn’t take long.)

Pop in a pack or two of Smarties and you’re good to go!

PS-This post is dedicated to my Mom, who never fails to have a pack of Smarties for her grandbabies. In fact, we considered it a milestone for each kid when they figured out which pocket of her purse her “stash” was in and tried to help themselves. Thanks, Mom–maybe that’s why I have such a bunch of Smarty-Pants kiddos now.

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Love Lessons From A 10 Year Old

Despite my efforts to come up with “cute” Valentine card ideas, my 10 1/2 year old son Daniel wanted to do something entirely on his own. That was completely fine by me as his siblings used up my other Valentine ideas for their class cards. Yesterday afternoon Dan asked if I had any stamps he could use, grabbed a red ink pad, some cardstock, and hid himself away at my sewing desk for awhile. After an hour or two he came out with a stack of homemade Valentine’s for his 4th grade class and teacher.

“Can I look at them?” I asked.

“Sure, Mom, go ahead.”

Well, my friends, I was utterly blown away by what we wrote in his cards. Each one was completely different and he had a unique message for each classmate. Now, before I go on, let me give you a background on my Daniel. (You can actually check out a post I did on his 10th birthday here for the crazy, miraculous story of his birth.) I know I’m more than a little biased because he’s my child, but he really is not your typical 10 year old boy. Dan reads on a post-high school level. He’s been tested 3 times this school year and has been consistently that high, so I know it’s not a fluke. He is one of the kindest hearted kids you could hope to meet. I’m hoping this doesn’t change as the teen years approach! Daniel is fascinated with all things Bible, loves the Lord like crazy, and isn’t afraid to share his faith, even in our public school. He happened upon my old copy of Jesus Freaks, which shares stories of Christians who have been martyred around the world from the time of Christ. Since he read it, he has been researching the persecution of Christians worldwide and actually subscribes to The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. I’m not sure how many 10 year old subscribers they have, but I’m guessing not many. Dan makes up little evangelical “pamphlets” or slips of paper with verses and hangs them up or hands them out at school.

Okay, that should give you enough of an idea of what kind of kid we’re talking about.

Back to his Valentine cards. I was blown away, but I guess I shouldn’t have been after knowing my son. I just thought I’d share some of the things he wrote. I didn’t take a picture of any, because frankly, his handwriting is pretty atrocious! However, the messages were very worthy of sharing. Here’s a sampling of some of them:

-Love your neighbor like yourself.

-Love=Kindness. Be a lighthouse of love.

-Jesus loves you!

-Be strong in the Lord. And remember God loves you.

-Jesus loves you no matter what you did.

-Remain faithful in Christ.

-God is your lighthouse so make him number one.

-Depend on Jesus.

-Make God first.

-God has plans for you!

-Remain strong in God!

-God can do anything. But he chose to save you.

-God loves you 100%.

-God’s not finished with you yet.

Hopefully, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, this gives you encouragement and reminds you of God’s unending love. It certainly did for me.